30 Days of Wheel of Time meme


Didn’t see one for Wheel of Time so I made one.  Feel free to draw the answers or write a paragraph as an explanation or however you feel best doing this meme =)  This is very likely how I will spend my Inktober.

  1. Favourite ta’veren

  2. Favourite Aes Sedai

  3. Favourite character that cannot channel

  4. Favourite Asha’man

  5. Favourite character over all

  6. Favourite Far Dareis Mai

  7. Favourite Aiel

  8. Favourite Wise One

  9. Favourite member of the Kin/Knitting Circle

  10. Favourite Atha’an Miere/Sea Folk

  11. Favourite Warder

  12. Favourite Forsaken/Chosen

  13. Favourite Dark friend

  14. Favourite Seanchan (come on, you have to like one of them ;) )

  15. Favourite Ajah

  16. Favourite Lord/male ruler

  17. Favourite Lady/female ruler

  18. Favourite city

  19. Favourite ter’angreal

  20. Favourite scene

  21. Favourite pairing

  22. Favourite crack pairing

  23. Favourite legendary hero bound to the Horn of Valere

  24. Favourite general

  25. Favourite city

  26. Favourite creature of the dark (Trollocs, Myrddral, Draghkar, etc)

  27. Favourite quote

  28. Character whose death hurt you the most

  29. Favourite beast (grolm, raken, etc)

  30. Favourite prophecy (be it foretelling, Min’s viewings, from the Karaethon Cycle, etc)